Fear-an essential part of being human

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

I have a few different responses to this prompt. First, is that the ability to be feel limitless, to be freed of the barriers caused by fear seems exhilarating. I would be able to do everything I once couldn’t, from watching gory movies to holding creepy crawlies to public speaking. 

On the other hand, without fear, I feel that these things would lose their excitement. Having a fear means you can prove your strength-physical or emotional- by facing it. An absence of fear could even become boring. We need something to kick-start the adrenaline and motivate us to do things in order to push against our fears. In some ways, fearlessness would close me off from acting bravely as the element of dare would be lost.

Still, I can see the ways fearlessness would improve my life. I would be more confident and lose the anxieties involved with being introverted. I would be able to become a doctor, an optician, a dentist, whatever I wanted without the fear of blood and gore. And by doing that I could help people in new ways.

But would this change me as a person? Would I lose some qualities by losing my fears? In my opinion, I think fears build a person’s character and taking them away would change them and make them lose that part of their character. So, in conclusion, I think my life wouldn’t be any better without fears. 





One thought on “Fear-an essential part of being human

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