‘Meant for each other’

I’ve just got back from a family holiday. Being surrounded by other families made me think about how some people stay together because of time and some people stay together because they are meant for each other. And it made me think about what that actually means. I think it means when both partners’ personalities fit together. What I mean is that, like a jigsaw puzzle, where one person lacks a quality, the other person makes up for it to make a balance. For example, a short temper and someone with bucket-loads of patience. This doesn’t work with everything because at the same time being too different can distance people. To me, that’s why finding ‘the one’ is so hard. I think that the people that are best suited to each other have equal amount of things in common to things that are different, which I realise is hard to judge. 

While people watching, I saw a lot of couples that didn’t seem to be ‘in love’. Maybe they were just having a rough day, I don’t know. But I found it saddening, because it led me to wonder how people decide whether to stay with someone through difficult times or not. Sometimes people stay with each other so long and try so hard to do so that they change as people and don’t love each other anymore. When you marry someone it’s impossible to know how people and situations will change ad if it’s for the good or the bad. So, making a lifelong declaration to someone seems awfully scary to me-which it probably should be since I’m only sixteen and have never even been in a relationship, let alone a serious one. 

I’m not going to delve any further into marriage and divorce, as it is a whole subject that I could write thousands and thousands of words on. My final thought on this ramble about love is that I believe people should be more forgiving when relationships go wrong. I feel that judgement, not just from the partner, but families and friends can scare people from doing the right thing for them, so people should allow for change and be forgiving if it distances them. 


4 thoughts on “‘Meant for each other’

  1. “I saw a lot of couples that didn’t seem to be ‘in love’”…right analysis. More often than not, people are not moonstruck with their partner.
    There is a saying, that it is difficult to live without someone you love but it’s more difficult to live with someone you do not love.

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