Jenna said yes, not because she had always been rather too sensible. Defying her, in some ways, weak character was hardly an option. The truth was that she said yes to escape. 

The three letters fell from her slightly parted lips like a badly kept secret. Thought her throat was dry, the word was loud as it was released into the expanse of the train station. She was aware of the strangers watching her speak to this mysterious man. But the worry in her eyes was needless as a train hurtled past, trampling over all voices at the platform. Her short, dark hair flew into a frenzy from the rush of the passing carriage. ‘Frenzy’, in fact, was the perfect description of Jenna. She was a frenzy from her thin shaking fingers, to the scattered thoughts tearing through her mind. Her wide eyes hid the maturity of an eighteen year old with the terror of a child. Even at that point, just before she would step on to the train, on a journey that would change her life, she had no understanding that this was just the beginning of the fear that would soon encapsulate her. 




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