Honest Feelings

I recently watched a video by one of my favourite youtubers, which was called ‘About Robin Williams’. When I clicked on the thumbnail I was expecting a tribute to Robin Williams. But instead, I watched a moving insight into Jack’s honest feelings. I think one of the reasons why I was s moved was because of the sincerity of his words and the way he didn’t edit out the parts where he cried. Also, I understood how he felt. Basically, despite all the great things going on in his life, a close friend moving away couldn’t help but make him sad. And all this happened on the day that Robin Williams died. 

I can relate to this because there have been a lot of good things happening to me recently, like getting a result I was proud of and going on some great trips where I met new friends and experienced crazy new things. Yet, I still feel sad because some of the not-so-good things that have happened seem to block out my positive thoughts. It’s really overwhelming and sometimes I can’t deal with it.

I was glad to see Jack’s video as it made me feel less alone in these feelings. 

Here’s the link to his video: 



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