Stinky fish, gory bodies and boredom

I’m going to cheat a bit because it says to pick one job, but there are many jobs that I would hate to do. 

Firstly, the whole field of medicine is out of the question for me as I can’t stand gore and I am not good with blood. So, doctors, dentists, opticians, etc are a big no-no.

Then, on a similar note, I would not be able to work in a morgue or anything like that as dead people are 1) kind of creepy to be around, 2) depressing, especially when you think about their death and family… 3) in a mean way, smelly. 

That leads me on to stinky jobs. Since I hate fish because of the smell any job that involves fish is revolting to me. If I worked in a factory or a power plant where the gases and chemicals would smell, I probably wouldn’t be able to stand it,so that can be added to the list. 

Thinking more deeply, I would have to say that an admin or secretarial office job would be a nightmare because the monotonous routine would bore me to death. Also, I feel that although someone has to do those jobs, and I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I would just be annoyed at the fact that I could be doing bigger and better things. This relates to low paid jobs such as cleaning. 

Looking at the way my list of nightmare jobs has developed, I seem to be picky about jobs. The reason is ambition. I want to and believe I can, one day, do a job that I love and I can be successful and happy in. 


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