I thought, since I was on the topic of music, I would write a list of my current favourite songs. When I think back to only a couple of years ago, my music taste has changed a lot. And I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years I look at this list in disgust. But here goes…

(P.S. these are in no particular order)

  • I Miss You by Blink 182
  • Place For Us  and Pull Me Down by Mikky Ekko
  • Lullabies by Yuna
  • No Surprises by Radiohead
  • Casper by Russian Red
  • Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan
  • Half The World Away by Oasis
  • The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
  • Landslide by Fleetwood Mac
  • human by Christina Perri
  • Shake It Off and Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift (Judge me, I don’t care!)
  • Friday I’m in Love by The Cure
  • Delicate by Damien Rice
  • Chandelier by Sia
  • I Won’t Let You Go by James Morrison
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths

I’ve also been listening to Spanish music as I’m studying A level Spanish. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Beyonce 1) can sing in Spanish and 2) has recorded a few of her songs in Spanish. I must admit that I did listen to Libre Soy, The Spanish version of Let It Go from Frozen…


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