What do you MEAN?

Here I am, listening to sad songs.

I’m secretly laughing to myself, because I feel like such a stereotypical teenage-emo-kid. I’m really not, honestly!

I like music that has meaning. The real, gritty kind of emotions that can only be expressed in this way, just like the meaning in writing and art. To me, it’s beautiful, even if it’s an angry song, because it’s so genuine.

You can easily get lost in music because of this; for getting tangled up in the artist’s story, their life and their emotions. I like that. I still wish I was less terrible at playing music, because if I were able to bring out the feelings music does in me in someone else, it would just be amazing.

Also, I like the way that music is not just an escape, but an outlet. You can embrace your sadness with a slow sad song, anger with an angry rock song, and it’s okay.

I feel like music transforms the power in the words of the lyrics into something even more beautiful because of the sincerity in the notes. It gives the words life, and-in a way-more meaning.

But before you can do all that, you have to write a kick-ass song, be able to play it and be able to sing! I think this is the first time I’ve been listening to sad music and felt such powerful emotions about my love for music. Usually, all I can think about is my own problems, as I relate them to the issues the singer expresses.

So, I just want to commend all musicians, because I think a world without music would be tragic.


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