Fear-fueled Fabrications

I had a dream that a man was chasing me, trying to kill me. I’ve never had a specific recurring dream or night terror, but this seems to be a theme in a lot of my nightmares-chasing and killing. It’s a cycle of fear, because the fear causes morbid and scary dreams, which adds to the fear. So basically, I need to convince myself that a random man is not going to chase and kill me. Easy to do during the day, but at night…

Once Adolf Hitler made an appearance in my dream. Funnily enough it wasn’t even a nightmare, really. He visited a strange house where I was living and inspected my room, which was messy; but I woke up before he could hurt me.

The most disturbing dream I’ve ever had was when there was a conveyor belt in the middle of a dark room and along it came a series of dead bodies, all killed in different ways. I’m cringing now, just writing this.

Less morbid, but still disturbing, once I dreamed that instead of genitalia I had a random foot just chilling there. I mean, it wasn’t even my foot! There really must be something wrong with me…

Sometimes, when I am really tired I get this irrational thought that one of the bones in my foot, near my ankle, is going to pop out. Where do I get these ideas from? I’m not even dreaming and I make myself cringe!


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