The word feminism is scary to some people. It gives some people instant images of angry women demanding power over men. The key is that feminism is not about power or dominance; it is about establishing equality in all ways. That’s it.

Yes, I think I am a feminist. I am in the way that many people are, but don’t realize or understand. People want equality, feminism is about reaching equality, hence they are feminists. But for some reason, it can’t be that simple.

The reason for this post is that it frustrates me to see feminism have so many negative connotations, when oppressed women have worked over so many years to push us as close to equality as we are today. Obviously, there are still plenty of issues that need addressing, but when you think about the role of women less than fifty years ago and compare it to today, so much has improved and changed. I’m thankful for what these women have done for our generation and I want others to see that they should also be grateful for what they have. And in respect of those women, I believe women of today have a duty; and that duty is to help in this push for equality.


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