Faulty Humans and Frill-less Love

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

Something that I can feel okay about being confused about, because it even confuses science is love.

Love is complicated, hard, amazing, so many things. Relationships are so intricate, even just with acquaintances. You never know how someone else really feels about you, and you have to trust that they are showing their honest, true self. So many people don’t even know that people have feelings for them, or are even in love with them. And then there’s the meaning of being ‘in love’. Some people take the meaning too lightly, some become obsessed and crazed.

Feelings are so difficult because they are often out of your control. You can’t stop yourself from being affected by things, it’s just natural. Yes, you can repress your emotions and hide them from others. That’s another complication. We only see a snapshot of someone’s life and sometimes we  judge them too heavily on that tiny part of their life, we assume, we create false images and ideas.

Humans have so many faults! How do so many people fall in love with someone that has done so many bad things?

Because they are human, and faults make up our lives, and build us into stronger versions of ourselves.

I think love is beautiful. The raw, real love that doesn’t need cheesy songs or any sort of frills. Just two people that like each other’s faults more than anyone else.

We hear of these happy stories of true love and cute old couples that have spent their lives together. I just want that. Even if it’s not for very long. Doesn’t everyone want that?

It makes me sad because the people that lie and cheat are just winding the tangle of lives and faults so that the people that are meant for each other have more trouble finding each other.

Love ramble over…


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