Social Media Tag

Thank you so much to waywordness for tagging me! (sorry it took this long!…)

Here are the rules: Copy the questions below and answer them. Then, tag five people to do the tag and notify them; make sure to leave a comment including your post’s URL for the person who tagged you, so that they can go read your post!

Let’s begin!

Eight questions await your answers,

Eight social media it reveals.

Carry on, the knights and lancers.

The crowd is waiting with the squeals.

▪︎Twitter: Describe your plot in 140 characters or less.
A girl finds a boy cursed with magical powers in her grandmother’s attic. They embark on a journey to find answers about his curious past.

▪︎Facebook: With the parents/grandparents flooding this site, who is your oldest character?
Aurelia’s grandmother.

▪︎Instagram: What does one of your characters look like? #selfie
Aurelia, the protagonist has olive skin, honey blonde hair and soft features. The mysterious boy is tall, fairly skinny, with defined, elf-like features.

▪︎WordPress: Designing your theme is the funnest part, so how would/did you design your book cover?
I would design a book cover using illustrations or images to show the main themes in the novel, or possibly an illustration of Aurelia. 

▪︎Tumblr: Naming your blog is so difficult! What did you name your book?
I still haven’t come up with a name I like yet, but all of my ideas so far have contained ‘Golden’.

▪︎ Get your wierdest questions answered. Ask your main character one weird question, and have that character answer.

Q: If you could have the boy’s powers, which means you’d be trapped in his state of nightly transformation, would you?

A: I would if that meant he would no longer have them himself. I think after so many years, he deserves to be free. 

▪︎Pandora/Spotify: What kind of music are you playing whilst writing? If you don’t listen to music, what do you think your main character would listen to?
I usually play something quite chilled and relaxing so that I can concentrate, sometimes sad to suit the tone I am portraying.

▪︎Myspace: All good things must come to an end! What is one book idea that you were really into, but lost interest in?

This one, actually! Over the past few years I have lost interest and regained interest in my plot idea. Now I am determined to complete it.

I tag:

P.S., if you’re not writing a story, use your favourite original plot idea that you’d like to write some day.


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