Image and Makeup

Being a teenage girl means that I am in one of the groups that is, arguably, under the most pressure to fit into society’s expectations of how to look. For me, the topic seems unavoidable as image is constantly the focus of the media.

The other day I was watching an educational YouTube video on one of the novels I’m studying at the moment and as I scrolled down the comments I was met with line after line not on the content of the video, but the woman’s appearance. I felt angry that the commenters actively chose to ignore people’s views and ideas to focus on their appearance. Not only this, but it seems that image decides the quality of the video. This is only one little example, but it’s an issue that I think needs to be talked about.


photo 1_edited

With or without?

Some people think that women and girls must make a conscious choice: to wear or not to wear makeup. (That is the question!) Those in favour of no makeup may argue that we shouldn’t feel the need to impress others or feel pressured to cover up our insecurities.

I choose to wear makeup pretty much every day because it makes me feel comfortable and gives me confidence. Sometimes its the boost I need to make me feel able to do and try things, however simple, like introducing myself to a stranger or putting up my hand in class. I don’t think people should say that wearing makeup is always a bad thing for this reason. Though I agree we should accept and embrace ourselves, including flaws and insecurities, gaining confidence often comes from ‘fake it til you make it’. Makeup is a way of ‘faking it’ in a way, and this is why it is important to me. When I see people without makeup I respect them for either having the confidence to ‘bare’ themselves or just not caring what people think.

When I’m still half asleep on a school morning, trying to get my eyeliner to look even, (which is pretty darn hard) I often think angrily, why don’t boys have to do this? That’s just one of those things that has developed in our society that is hard to understand sometimes when you think hard about it, but is so familiar to us that it just seems natural.

Makeup is strange when you really think about it. We paint our faces like a blank canvas. Yet we aren’t blank. We have these sometimes amazing and sometimes not-so-amazing features. Freckles and dimples and beautiful eyes of blue, green, grey, brown, hazel. Lips someone secretly wishes to kiss and a cute little nose. Believe it or not, someone out there finds what you call your horrible chin quite attractive. Maybe not on its own, but because it makes up the beautiful, amazing, unique, special person that is you whoever you are. It’s okay to hide those features under foundation if you want to, and it’s okay to feel happy showing them. People may judge you, but you have to let them do that and let their nasty words and ย cruel looks go over your head. In my opinion the important thing is acceptance and confidence. Accept yourself as your whole self, faults and all, ‘covered up’ or ‘bare’, and you have the key to confidence!


11 thoughts on “Image and Makeup

  1. Your photo looks beautiful both with and without makeup. I understand the “confidence” a girl/woman has when we use makeup. It feels like we have done everything we can to look our best and that in itself feels pretty good. I also understand those who are against makeup. They want girls/women to know they don’t need makeup to be beautiful. There is two sides to every coin but it is still a coin. ((Hugs!)) xo

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  2. I am someone who only wears makeup on very special occasions. I never really learned how to use it when I was young, so I guess I fell into a pattern of not bothering with it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now that I am growing older, I find I think about it more, because of things like my eyebrows greying. Makeup doesn’t feel like me, but being grey doesn’t feel like me either! I am still deciding. You look great in both your pictures. Thanks for a great post!

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  3. You are gorgeous with and without makeup! I also wear makeup on an everyday basis but I wear natural looking makeup looks and I think it is the best to enhance your features without putting on too much. When I go out, I mostly put more eyeshadows and contour a bit more heavily! I really loved your post ๐Ÿ™‚


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