Dear Sleep

You lure me in with the promise of dreams…
The abandonment of the this world’s restraints
For a better one.
You tempt me with the escape
From the bitterness
Of life’s disappointments,
Like the sweet chime of a bell.
You tell me,
Do it tomorrow,
Wait for the next day.
And I listen
To your soothing voice;
I push aside the pile of books
Lunging into the comforting cocoon
Of the duvet.
I bathe in the peace,
As the last lingering grasp
On consciousness
Is slowly unfurled and I am released
Into your powers.

Then, you tear me away-
Ears pricked by the evil scream
Of the clock
I am pulled from the quiet sanctity;
Ripped into the cold air,
Staring at the harsh glare
Of the electric light.

The day is long:
It was you that told me
To wait, to push things aside
Just so you could snatch me away.
And now I am drunk-
On the lack of you-
As I stare at the blank screen
That must be filled soon;
The books laid on the shelf,
Waiting to be read.

As I stare at these things,
Which I must do before I can
Return to you
I know that it is impossible
Without you.

Without you
My brain goes numb,
My heart and body sags,
My eyes itch to close once more…

Without you
The pierce of pessimism
Stings my aching soul
And I cannot stand it.

All of my fears and worries
And demons
Flood before my eyes,
And even when it’s time
To let you back,
We battle
Because my demons are
All too often
Stronger than you
And I rise again
Sunken and weary.


12 thoughts on “Dear Sleep

  1. I could especially relate to these lines:
    “You tell me,
    Do it tomorrow,
    Wait for the next day.”

    Ah, sleep can be read like love. Thanks for sharing and linking up with yeah write.


  2. I enjoyed the contrast between “the sweet chime of a bell” and “the evil scream/Of the clock.” Those last five lines are great, with that disconnect between strength and weariness.


  3. I love the rhythm and the progression here. You so very clearly capture that struggle between all the things to do (reality) and the sweet escape. Also, the stanza with the evil alarm, that was how I began today and your description was perfect!


  4. Hi! My favorite moments in this are when you nail your imagery to concrete items in the room: the duvet, the alarm clock, the books, the blank screen. I also loved your ending, the conflict of “And I rise again/sunken and weary.” You may want to give this another read, there are a few typos (line 2 especially) and unnecessary adjectives (comforting cocoon, quiet sanctity, harsh glare). I feel like you have a good metaphor with “like the sweet chime of a bell” but it’s caboosed to “life’s disappointments” instead of the line that I think it’s referring to, which is “you tempt me with the escape.”


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