Change and Mistakes

Among the people you’ve known for a long time, who is the person who’s changed the most over the years? Was the change for the better?

The people I have known for the longest are my family. Most of the friends I have now are only recent, as I have moved houses and schools several times throughout my childhood. 

I have watched my little sister grow in her appearance and as a person for most of my life. So, I would probably have to say that to me she has changed the most, but not necessarily in comparison to the rest of my family. I seem to have noticed her changes more because I don’t just see her everyday, but I feel the instinctive need to protect her-whether she notices or not. Watching the puppy fat develop into the beginnings of curves; noticing the way her vocabulary has shifted from using “spongebob squarepants” in every other sentence to “whatever” and seeing the remnants of her mostly short lived hobbies in the form of photos and ornaments.  But the way she has changed is the way everyone changes. We grow up. We move on from things. And we try new things. 

In a way,the changes involved growing up during adolescence are very similar to the way adults change, because adults still grow, they never stop learning. Mistakes cause people to change in order to avoid the mistake happening again, and making mistakes is human so people will continue to change throughout their life. Ultimately, what I’m saying is that everyone changes so much and in ways that are implicit to some and explicit to others, so it difficult to compare the amount of change people go through. Meaning, it is even harder to tell whether the changes are for better or worse.